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1-Day Strategy Intensive

Stephanie Hayes Business Strategist and Coach for Small Business and Entrepreneurs. What to do when you're feeling stuck in your business? How to scale your business to get sustainable growth? Stephanie is a business success coach for experienced entrepreneurs, creating detailed business models and plans (Vancouver).

Give me one day and I’ll give you a step-by-step plan to realign your business model, nail your offers, and maximize your profits


*insert eye roll here*

You wanted the freedom and flexibility to choose how you spend your time, help people by doing the work you love, and determine your own income. 

So, you built a business. 

Problem is—you created a business 

you don’t even like anymore

On your worst days, you want to burn it to the ground and scatter its ashes in an active volcano…you hate it THAT much.

And I can’t blame you…

Because your business is sucking the life out of you and: 

  • You spend every waking hour (and some should-be-sleeping hours) working on your business. And the idea of keeping “business hours” makes you do a spit-take with your coffee — 40 hours a week? Like that’ll ever happen!

  • Your ratio of hours-worked to money-in-your-pocket leaves you wondering if it’s worth it. And you don’t see a way out of the time-for-instant-noodles trap.

  • You grabbed every free download and 215-module course, maybe even worked with a coach to figure out how to scale, or pivot your business, but you’re still stuck AF. And you’re starting to think you have a better chance at meeting BigFoot than you do at scaling your business.

  • Your daily routine consists of…lacking focus and consistency in the morning, struggling to make decisions in the afternoon, feeling overwhelmed and twitchy in the evening, and questioning your life choices in the middle of the night. And all that mental heavy lifting isn’t exactly making things easy.

You want to fix your business NOW, and you don’t want to wade through a mega-bundle of videos, worksheets, or year-long masterminds to do it.

Instead of searching for the closest active volcano, let’s blow your business up—in a good way, in one day, with less burny stuff.

I’m Stephanie, and I don’t like hype.

I’m a 25-year business veteran and mentor for experienced, hard-working entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to level up in business and in life. 

You don’t have time for vague, might-work theories, and I have zero patience for marketing-guru-in-a-lambo nonsense. (We’ll get along just fine.)

You’re here because you want to take control of your business and create a deliberate path to your next stage of success. Side-by-side, I help you create a detailed, actionable, and incredibly specific game plan, so you can reboot quickly and become excited and confident about your business again.

Give me ONE day, and you’ll walk away knowing exactly what your next steps are to design a profitable business that works for YOU.

Here’s how we’re going to fix your business… 


My brain. Your business. One day. 

The One-Day Business Reboot is a 1:1 action-based intensive for frustrated entrepreneurs who want to scale, realign, or just stop hating their business—and want immediate clarity, direction, and a plan.

In 6 hours, we’re going to power through 3 must-have business pillars: your business model, your offers, and your profitability. 

And you’ll walk away with…

Your Business Blueprint

Together, we’ll break down where you are now, what’s not working, and where you want to be, so you can rebuild a business aligned around YOU. 

Why? Because misalignment is the #1 cause of business failure, not a lack of marketing sorcery. When you build a business based on what works for someone else, you’ll burn out—extra crispy, guaranteed.  

Instead of a paint-by-number plan, we’ll design your custom business blueprint, so you can have:

  • A foundation for strategic decision making and sustainable growth based on you…no more energy wasted on wheel-spinning and second-guessing 

  • A unique way to understand your business passion that brings all of the pieces together to support each other and your vision and goals…no more half-hearted offers that sort of sell and that you hate delivering   

  • A formula for a business aligned with your values, your expertise, and how you work best…no more sipping on the daily stress-anxiety-overwhelm cocktail 

Your Offer Map

Together, we’ll create a structure around your offers, anchor your price to your brand, and map out your ideal client’s buying journey, so you can finally get clarity on what makes the most sense for your business.

Why? Because without offers that align with what you do best, meet your customers where they are, and predictably deliver results, you’ll be stuck billing hourly and never get traction.  

Instead of an unsellable offer of mystery, we’ll build your offer ecosystem, so you can have: 

  • A suite of offers that give your customers exactly what they need and make it easy for them to work with you again…no more Facebook-group stalking to find a new client every other week  

  • A streamlined and structured client experience that allows them to relax while you lead the relationship…no more flexing like Gumby every time a client makes an out-of-scope ask 

  • A logical pricing system, based on customer expectations, the market, and your brand…no more giving discounts like it’s Black Friday everyday, while wondering WTF it means to “charge what you’re worth” 

Your Profit Plan 

Together, we’ll get real about the one thing that makes most business owners hide behind a Game of Thrones marathon… money! Specifically, we’ll dig in to your sales, revenue, expenses, and profit so you can take control of your growth and direction.

Why? Because you can’t scale, grow, or even keep the lights on if you don’t know your numbers. 

Instead of wishing on a money goal with no idea how you’ll get there, we’ll create a sales and profit plan, so you can have: 

  • A realistic financial goal based on what you offer and a sales plan to take you there…no more mid-month panic because you realize you have no more clients lined up     

  • An easy-to-use tracking system for must-know metrics, like profitability, sales volume, and costs…no more “blissfully unaware” reality checks at tax time

  • A single dashboard for the most important part of your business…no more playing spreadsheet hopscotch, while you’re trying to balance the books

And all of this in one day…without 10 more years of trial and error. 

Here’s the sample schedule for your Reboot Day:

9:00 – 10:30 a.m. – Business Model Design and Blueprint

10:45 – 12:15 p.m. – Offer Map and Pricing

1:00 – 2:30 p.m. – Sales and Profit Plan

2:45 – 4:00 p.m. – Roadmap and Implementation Planning

Plus, because I really do care about you and your business, we’ll meet for 2 x 30-minute follow-up accountability sessions.

It could take YEARS to get your business right.

Or you could spend
ONE DAY doing exactly that. 

Secure your day for the Growth & Profit Business Reboot…

Here’s what my clients say about business and life before and after our work together…

My business was a disorganized mess and I was constantly feeling overwhelmed and behind on everything. My “operations” basically consisted of scribbled ballpoint pen on random notebook pages, and I knew this was an unsustainable way to run, let alone grow, a business.

I was looking for someone who would actually help me with practical action items, not just a bunch of mindset fluff.

Stephanie helped me make the changes I needed to make in my business with a gentle, but firm, hand. I really appreciated her energy and calm. She is like a grounding presence.

As a result of our work together, I have stability, security, confidence and swagger. I got some structure, some organization that didn’t feel oppressive and financial growth. 

Samantha Pollack

Email Copywriter for Feminist Business Owners

“I’ve cut my work hours down by half…and my revenue for the year doubled

Having a business that I’m aligned with is the solution to pretty much all my problems.

I’ve never had anyone talk to me about alignment and my business before until I met Steph. Having a business that I’m aligned with is the solution to pretty much all my problems. It’s the answer to stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. 

I think back to pre-Stephanie and how I tried to build my business based on other people’s business because I didn’t know any better and didn’t trust was so difficult for me to adhere to. I forced it because I knew it was a good ‘model’ but I hated it.” 

Becca Dalrymple

Fitness Coach for Women Over 40

“The Business Blueprint alone was worth the entire investment.

Before working with Stephanie, business was okay. I was making money and had a decent flow of clients. But I wanted to call it quits. I didn’t know what I actually wanted from my business, and I was entirely focused on keeping my clients happy. I had no real plan, other than making enough income to pay the bills every month. 

By working through the Business Blueprint, I was able to make room for myself in my business. It helped me get clear on what I want, what I won’t tolerate, and how to deliver results to my clients, while still respecting how I work best. 

The Business Blueprint alone was worth the entire investment because I can see myself using it for the life of my business. And it’s completely mine to update as my business evolves.”

Melanie J. Sparks

Conversion Copywriter

Still here? You might be thinking: “Is this just another thing I’m going to buy and get zero results from, so I end up feeling disappointed in humanity — all over again?”

That’s a valid and very specific question. 

Let me be clear: I will not let you get zero results. If you show up, ready to dig in and do the work, you will get results.   

And when you sign up for the One-Day Business Reboot…

You’re saying no to:

❌  No to 24-module drip-fed courses with 86 worksheets and a crowded AF Facebook group full of people messaging you on the downlow to buy their offer

❌  No to $25K masterminds that promise transformation but deliver little more than a burning hole in your bank account and a gross aftertaste called regret

❌  No to 12 months of high-ticket guru coaching from someone who rattles off marketing tactics that worked for them 5 years ago, but are not even close to being customized for you (never mind building a business you actually like

And you’re saying yes to:

✅ YES to unshakeable confidence in your business model, offers, pricing, and finances

✅ YES to customized tools you can use for the life of your business: the Business Blueprint, Offer Map, and Profit Plan

✅ YES to a killer, totally customized, step-by-motherlovin’-step plan for your big “what’s next”

Are you ready for a serious business-operating-system upgrade? Book your day and buckle up…

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