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Go from stuck to successful in no time flat

Rapidfire Strategy Session

Go from stuck to successful in no time flat

Rapidfire Strategy Session

You’re at your wits’ end with your business.

Everyone told you that being an entrepreneur is hard, but you didn’t think it would be this hard. Money is always tight, you’re frustrated all the time, and you just can’t seem to figure out why you’re stuck in the same place, day after day.

Everything seemed so clear when you first started out – you had a great idea, you loved what you did, and you didn’t need much to keep going – but things have become increasingly more difficult.

You’ve been reading books and blog posts, enrolling in courses, desperately looking for that magic bullet to revive your business – it seems like you’re just making everything worse because there are so many answers, but you’re not even sure of the question!

What if you’re just not cut out for this? What if you have to go back and get a 9-to-5 job? You’ll have to soon if you can’t start bringing in more money to contribute to your family, your car payments, groceries… You’re working hard, but it feels like it’s never enough.

Every day, things are getting harder

  • Your profit is flat and you’re starting to panic
  • You’re too embarrassed to tell your friends and family – they’ll think you’re a failure
  • You’ve reached the end of what you know about running a business and can’t see a clear path for the future
  • You wonder why everyone else is 30 steps ahead of you, yet you’ve been stuck for months
  • Every time you read about someone else’s success, you feel feel a pang of jealousy, and it just makes you more frustrated and disappointed

But you know you can do this.
You know there is a way!
Everyone else seems to be making money.
What are they doing differently?
How did they get to where they are?

Maybe you’re not ready to give up just yet.

You have a dream and damn it; you’re going to make it happen!

Let’s start this fire!

You’re ready to take charge of your business and become the successful entrepreneur you know you can be. You’ve got it in you if only you can figure out the next steps. You’re determined to make this thing work, whatever it takes.

You need someone to sit you down, tell it to you straight, and say, “do this, don’t do that.”

You’re really, really good at what you do. You’re an expert. You know that what you offer your customers will change their lives. You feel like you might explode with joy when you see your clients getting results. And you love that you can help them realize their dreams.

You’ve been so focused on building everyone else’s dreams – buckle up, now it’s time to focus on yours.

You hope that your own vision can become real too, and quickly. You can see a day when you have financial freedom, fulfilling work, and control of your schedule so you can build a life that puts you back in the driver’s seat.

You can become the successful business owner that you always knew you could.

You just need another set of expert (and experienced) eyes and a plan to get there.

I can help you.

I work with frustrated entrepreneurs who feel they have gotten off track. They have doubts that their business will work and are uncertain if they should even keep going. I help them create a detailed, actionable plan so they can turn things around quickly and become excited and hopeful about their business again.

Breathe. You’ve got this.

You need help now, and as soon as we get started, you’ll quickly learn what’s keeping you from your success and the precise simple steps you need to take to get back on track.

Through the Rapid Fire Strategy Program, you will:

Understand where your business is stuck and how you got there so you can learn how to avoid these pitfalls in the future

Develop a clear, actionable, and super practical plan to get back on track and focus on the work that matters

Learn how to connect your goals and tasks so you can finally feel in control of your success

Eliminate the stress, fear, and uncertainty so you can feel confident and energized about your business again

Here’s how it will go down


Before we talk, you’ll spill your business guts and share all the details. You’ll bravely tell me where you’ve been, and where you are now. You’ll complete a one-page questionnaire that will help me understand your business so we can maximise our time focusing on the future. This is also your chance to step back and take stock of everything and see it all with fresh eyes.


We’ll spend 90 minutes together on a video call, diving in deep to figure out what’s truly got you stuck. You’ll develop a vision for what you really want this business to be, and you’ll learn my easy, 3-step plan for building a path to that vision and finally feel like you’re making progress. Together, we’ll find up to 3 specific action steps you can take over the next two weeks to immediately move you towards your goals.


Over the next two weeks, you’ll work on your plan and on completing your recovery steps. You’ll note any challenges,track your progress, and record your results. You’ll practice the planning skills you’ve learned so that your business will stay on track and you’ll continue to move towards your goals, rather than spinning your wheels on things that don’t matter.


After two weeks, we’ll review your progress on a 30-minute call, and discuss any challenges you had, observations, and your new plan for success. You’ll create tangible, and straightforward milestones that align perfectly with your unique goals, so you can make progress quickly and effectively after our call. You’ll use your newly found confidence and determination to turn this business into the business of your dreams.

Get back on track now!

Your investment is $797

All prices are in USD

Ready to get started? Great!


Make your payment and schedule your first session

When you have completed your payment, you will be asked to fill out an introductory questionnaire, where you can give me all the details of where you’re at right now and your current challenges.


Complete the Introductory Pre-Questionnaire

Complete your pre-work questionnaire and submit this within 48 hours of our scheduled call together.


Start building your plan

We’ll get together on our call and start building your plan for success. After our initial call, you will have two weeks to complete your homework, and then we will get together again to check in and see how you did, and where you can go from there.

I came to Stephanie with my big ideas and my passionately crafted work. I had a general idea of the direction I was moving in my business but I wasn’t sure how to bring it all together in a way that made sense. She helped me lay it all out, identify the missing pieces, and develop a strategy to take my business to the next level. I was excited about my business before, but now I actually believe that it is going to be AMAZING!

Sarah Carr

Financial Planner & Therapist

I was feeling very lost and confused and uncertain about the best way to make the shift. Stephanie seemed to really understand where I was coming from. I had the sense that she had experience and knowledge that would be very beneficial in my current position. I think any entrepreneur feeling stuck and uncertain about how to best move forward in their business would greatly benefit from a session with Stephanie. I have a feeling that if I hadn’t talked with Stephanie, I would have been stuck for much longer.

Elizabeth Cooper

Creative Coach

Get back on track now!

Book your session now and get on the road to relief.

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