14 Ways to Keep Perfectionism

From Running the Show

Get yourself and your work flowing again

When you just can’t seem to get unstuck…

Almost every one of my clients (and a lot of business owners in my

communities) has had some version of this scenario holding them

back from achieving their goals, or from just merely being able to

function in their business.

The results can be anywhere from mildly annoying to absolutely

crippling, and often leads to complete shutdown. It’s a business

problem but no business solution is going to fix it.

What these business owners are suffering from is perfectionism,

and it’s rampant and debilitating, and holding them back in really,

really big ways.

How to get yourself back in the driver’s seat…


  • Know what your triggers are and how to identify when perfectionism is running the show
  • Pick and choose your best strategies to deal with perfectionism when it starts to take over
  • Understand the reasons behind our need to be “perfect”
  • Create a Reset Script that will help you bring yourself back to balanced when you’re going down the perfectionist rabbit hole


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