Free live workshop for entrepreneurs tired of spinning their wheels with marketing strategies that don’t work



A 6-Step No-BS Framework for
Growing a
Business You Actually Like in 2019

Wednesday, June 12th 11:00 AM PST

In this workshop, you’ll learn…

  • Why even the smartest marketing strategies usually fail (and why you’re having such a hard time choosing the right one for you)
  • 3 little-known myths that keep ambitious entrepreneurs feeling stuck in their biz (at least one of these has a hold on you right now, guaranteed)
  • How to make sure that you don’t accidentally build a business you hate (this happened to me — and I’ll show you how to fix it)
  • An overwhelm-busting pathway for growing a sustainable, profitable service-based business in 2019 (the one I use with my clients every day, to take them from frazzled to in-control)
  • How to decide EXACTLY where to focus your time and energy to make sure your business grows, without working yourself into the ground or doing things that feel gross (your to-do list just got 75% shorter)

Wednesday, June 12th 11:00 AM PST

You can’t afford to miss this workshop if…


  • You run a service-based business that feels like way too much work and energy for the money you’re making
  • You often feel guilty that you’re not being “visible enough” or marketing your business like you should be
  • You’re ready to feel excited about your offers, and totally confident in your plan for growing your business this year (even if you’ve struggled to implement your plans in the past)


“It feels like I’m running down a hill really fast, and I’m about to fall flat on my face.”


☝️ Real words from a business owner who reached out to me for help.

Maybe you can relate.

“Default” entrepreneur mode means having a billion things on your plate at once. And if you’re like most business owners, you’re too busy trying not to drop anything to actually check whether maybe you should put a few of those things down.

I know this feeling. I know how it feels to be doing all the things because it feels like the only way you’ll make any progress. I also know how it feels to be totally paralyzed because there are so many options and you don’t know which one to choose.

I’d like to help you let go of the “shoulds” and “must do’s” that are holding you back. There are just a handful of things you need in place to build a sustainable, enjoyable business that makes sense for you. In this workshop, I’ll show you how.

Forget the tactics, the shiny objects, and for the love of all things holy — promise me you’ll take “create a 90 day content calendar” off your to-do list for now, OK? I’ll show you what to do instead.


Wednesday, June 12th 11:00 AM PST